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Product Description

Consumable Asset Management Software System can use to manage consumable assets inventory. This can contain such as office supplies, raw materials for production, parts for maintenance & etc. This software will help to keep perpetual inventory levels & to forecast about the inventory. Also this will automate every process of Consumable Assets from the Purchase level to distribution level

Module Features

  • Categories of consumable assets of the organization
  • Consumable asset details with Reorder Level
  • Track Consumable Asset suppliers with their supplying item list
  • Creating purchase orders through the system, according to the suppliers supplying list
  • Creating GRNs (Good Receiving Note) according to the purchase orders
  • Requesting items through the system
  • Check requested items & issue the relevant items
  • Track the stock balance of consumable assets
  • View the purchase history & the purchase orders
  • Physical adjustments & Audit trail for inventory
  • Can generate several reports such as,
    • Purchase order reports
    • Consumable assets stock balance
    • Reorder level reports
    • Item request reports
    • Item issue reports
    • Stock In Detail report